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Your mind is a garden,
your thoughts are the seeds;
you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.
********************************Play is a child's language and toys are their words.


Stacey graduated in 2017 from Capella University with a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling, earning her LMHCA in December 2017, and then her LMHC in February 2021. She has held her NCC (National Certified Counselor) certification since 2017. Stacey is also a Certified AutPlay Therapy provider and has obtained approval from the Association for Play Therapy that she has met all requirements to be a Registered Play Therapist.Stacey recently completed EMDR training and is in the consultation phase, working with children, adolescents and adults.Stacey has been working as a school-based mental health therapist in elementary schools since 2017, with children who have diagnoses of trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, DMDD, ODD and ADHD. She has also worked with survivors of domestic violence and youth with sexually maladaptive behaviors (ages 10-15), and received her CSAYC credential in November 2022.Stacey has a passion for trauma work and play therapy, and is currently working toward certifications in trauma and TF-CBT. Stacey enjoys all training opportunities and describes herself as a professional life-long learner desiring to continue educating herself and share her passion of therapy with her colleagues and clients.


The goal at Reviving The Roots Counseling, LLC
is to assist others in reaching their full potential.
Envision for a moment that you are like the sun with different rays glowing off of you, consisting of the positives in your life. There are moments, days, or months that your rays get blocked by the clouds, representative of the negatives in your life. While some people are not able to see anything except clouds around them, I know that the brightness is in everyone, and therapy can help you find your sunshine hiding behind the clouds.Do you currently struggle with something in your life? Do you feel lost or stuck? Everyone follows their own path; some may veer off and may need someone to guide them back. Reviving the Roots Counseling, LLC hopes to be that guide for you and your children, to assist in enabling you to live a fulfilled life.Stacey, with Reviving The Roots Counseling, LLC, utilizes person-centered therapy, child-centered play therapy techniques, CBT, mindfulness, sand tray therapy, EMDR, as an eclectic approach when working with her clients.She works with clients of all ages, but her niche is with 3 to 11-year-olds.INSURANCE and FEES
In network with Anthem BCBS, United Healthcare and UMR, and self-pay.
Fees are $120 per 53-minute session.

Reviving The Roots Counseling, LLC
Stacey Bostian-Miller, MS, LMHC, NCC, Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider
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